Overview of Sinotec

What makes a company proud to be South African? Does it require an official stamp of approval, or is it perhaps something more than this? While Sinotec’s origins may stem from China, our roots are planted firmly in South Africa as a leader in the value for money consumer tech sector. With a 16 year history in the country, we believe we are as much a local as any other.

Although we have our origins in China, we are a technology manufacturer with our roots firmly in South Africa. Now 16 years in the country, our local commitment is stronger than ever.

Offering more entertainment

Sinotec is one of the most popular display panel manufacturers in South Africa, with a television market share that has been consistently ranked in the top 3 overall when it comes to local sales, and first in the mid-range bracket.

The company’s success results from the fact that the majority of manufactured components are produced and constructed in-house. This allows more than 15 000 display panels to roll off our local factory floor every month. For our South African customers this translates to a great value for money proposition and it is one of the reasons why we can offer high quality LED TVs at a far friendlier price tag. This same value for money ethos extends to our other product offerings.

Another key factor in our company’s continued success in South Africa is our commitment to workmanship and product quality. In fact, we are more than willing to walk the talk, since we are one of the only manufacturers in South Africa to offer a 5 year warranty on all our LED TVs. Added to this is Sinotec’s comprehensive service centre that operates across the country.

Local Heritage

Sinotec’s first local production facility was built in Midrand in 1999. While the rest of the world contemplated the new millennium with Y2K looming, we were thoroughly aware of what the future held. Now 16 years later, the very same facility employs an estimated 80 people, 70 of which are South Africans involved in the manufacture of all types of products under the company’s banner. These range from tablets and car audio, to CCTV cameras and portable DVD players. Our company’s most successful product division, however, remains our display panels, more specifically our range of Smart Plus+ TVs.

Strength To Strength

As one of the leading technology manufacturers in the country, we pride ourselves on offering televisions that deliver an excellent viewing experience for significantly less than our rivals. This is just one of the reasons why Sinotec is a top brand in South Africa, standing firmly behind the country and its people by offering more for less.